Tree Villas


Encouraged by the satisfaction and enjoyment guests experienced in the Treehouses we created in our earlier residence, we decided to offer guests the same experience at Amaryllis, and built two Tree Villas here.


Built at a height of 35 feet and supported on a steel structure encompassing two trees, this all wood Tree Villa is truly luxury in the trees. It is a few steps away from the main house, and access is from a gradually inclined walkway that enters into a split-level room, with a small lounge below, above which is the bedroom. Once again, the views are stunning from both areas. The Northern verandah, apart from the vista of both the water and hills in the West, and the massive Manjapara Rock on the right, affords total privacy, and is an ideal area to get lost in a book or chase your dreams. What’s more, this Tree Villa comes with twin bathrooms and can take extra beds.


Located at the lower end of the property and a few minutes walk up the driveway to the main home and swimming pool, is our second Tree Villa, Poinsettia. Access to the Tree Villa is through an easy and short stairway. Supported on a steel frame, this Tree Villa is at a height of 25 feet on the North face. With walls of bamboo and a wooden floor, it is a luxury Tree Villa that includes a wide verandah and spacious bathroom, with panoramic views of the reservoir and hills beyond. The room comes with an extra bed and is spacious enough to also accommodate two more extra beds if needed.

There is something else special about this Tree Villa – this is built on the spot where we stood while we decided to buy this stunning property which is now our home.